NetCloud API


Cradlepoint provides a robust Application Program Interface (API)

allowing customers and partners powerful means to integrate NCM

data into their applications. The API enables automated data

transfer based on consistent and efficient programmatic methods.

You must be logged in to the API Portal to call endpoints on your account.
Use the following steps to login to the API Portal:

  1. Log in to NetCloud Manager.
  2. Navigate to the Applications tab.
  3. Locate the NetCloud API tile and click the API Portal link to log in to the API Portal.


Cradlepoint NetCloud provides a secure JSON based RESTful API via HTTPS. The API interface is accessed and managed via NetCloud Manager.

Download the API Datasheet




Accessing the API

Cradlepoint NetCloud API is available to all customers with an active NetCloud Service Plan.*

Active Documentation

The NetCloud API Portal Includes:
  • Active documentation
  • Code examples
  • API usage tracking
  • API developer key creation and management

*Threshold limits may apply.

API Usage Examples

API integration opportunities include:
  • Network management systems
  • Security Information & Event Management
    Systems (SIEM)
  • 3rd party applications
  • Customized vertical applications
  • Network health monitoring