Welcome to the Cradlepoint NetCloud Manager API

The NetCloud Manager API is a RESTful API available to Cradlepoint customers for programmatic access to their NetCloud services. The NetCloud Manager API is used to programmatically perform many of the same functions as can be performed in the NetCloud Manager user interface. This allows for integration and automation between NetCloud Manager and customer software systems.

Important: You are currently viewing the API portal as a non-logged in user. If you are a customer, log into the portal using the steps below in ACCESSING THE API PORTAL AS A LOGGED-IN USER.

NetCloud Manager API Use Cases

Managing Users

View, add, delete, and change permissions for your account's users

Reacting to Events on your Routers

Use Webhooks to send alert notifications to your code.

Tracking Mobile Routers

Quickly identify where mobile routers are located, and where they have been.

Checking for Failovers

Review your routers that are in a failover state.

Updates, New Endpoints and Features

Date Description
07/12/2023 Beta release of API v3 endpoints for Private Cellular Networks, Commerce (subscriptions, asset_endpoints), and User Management (users v3).

When working with the users v3 endpoint (beta), note that the attributes object for collaborator users contains a reduced set of data.

Collaborator users attributes: email, first_name, last_name, and timeout fields.

Users attributes: email, first_name, last_name, is_active, last_login, and pending_email fields.

Accessing the API portal as a logged-in user


Cradlepoint customers can access the API portal as a logged-in users to view important account information like API keys (API v2) and API usage statistics. Use the following steps to log in to the API portal

  1. Log in to NetCloud Manager
  2. Navigate to the TOOLS page.
  3. Click NetCloud API and then click the API Portal link to access the API Portal.

For other ways to extend and integrate with NetCloud, see the NetCloud Extensibility Solutions page.

NetCloud Manager API Documentation